Legacy TreeCo-workers leave a lasting memory

Healing Environment principles exist to help our patients on their care journeys. However, extending spiritual care and compassion to our co-workers can be just as important.

That's why Holston Valley Medical Center's Celebration of Life Shepherd team developed a way to recognize and honor co-workers who pass away during their tenure at the hospital.

"In health care, we all work together so closely, and we create family bond," said Carol Carter, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator with Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers, who was the team's sponsor. "And when we lose a member of our family, it can help to have a permanent reminder of their presence."

The team developed the idea for a Celebration of Life tree sculpture, which bears metal leaves engraved with the names and years of passing for departed co-workers.

"We have a plaque by the tree, and it has a line that says, 'Where a beautiful soul has been, there leaves a beautiful memory'," Carter said. "I think that encapsulates our goal perfectly."