• High-quality, value-added patient care

    Wellmont Health System delivers exceptional quality, cost and access to patients through a continuum of care that follows the patient from wellness to illness, illness to treatment, treatment to recovery and recovery back to wellness. And Wellmont demonstrates a healing environment each step of the way. From the patient's first appointment, each encounter and personal health need becomes our priority.

    Wellmont Medical Associates

    Wellmont Medical Associates physicians and providers focus on primary medical care and coordinate with specialists to bring high-quality care to patients.  The integrated group includes 260 providers located throughout the region.

    Patient Centered Medical Home

    One of Wellmont Medical Associates crowning achievements is its recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Physician Practice Connections as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home. A patient-centered medical home is a team-based approach to health care that emphasizes coordinated primary care and active involvement of the patient and family in healthcare decisions.

    Urgent care and occupational medicine

    Wellmont Urgent Care offers expert providers for quick access to high-level care with extended hours.  These centers offer a lower cost alternative for emergencies and illnesses and provide imaging and lab services for convenience.  They also incorporate occupational medicine services for businesses, including the guidance of a board-certified occupational medicine physician.

    Cancer care

    The Wellmont Cancer Institute is a community leader in cancer treatment, research and clinical trials, education, prevention and community outreach. The Cancer Institute conducts regular multi-disciplinary planning conferences to determine optimal plans of care for newly diagnosed cancer patients. And Wellmont's board-certified oncologists and physicians are supported by an elite group of oncology nursing specialists - nurse navigators - who help guide patients and their families from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

    Heart care

    The Wellmont CVA Heart Institute is the region's undisputed leader in quality heart care. Our providers stay abreast of the latest clinical evidence and best practices in order to provide the highest-quality care at lower costs for patients.  In addition to providing heart care management programs like HeartSHAPE® and the Level One Heart Attack Network, the heart institute adheres to appropriate use criteria established by The American College of Cardiology Foundation, the American Heart Association and all cardiac sub-specialty societies.

    • Level One Heart Attack Network
      Research indicates heart attack patients have a much greater chance of recovering fully when treated within 90 minutes, as recommended by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. The Wellmont CVA Heart Institute's Level One Heart Attack Network - the only one of its kind in our region - is designed to improve access to rapid treatment of heart attacks by combining the efforts of emergency medical service providers, emergency departments, WellmontOne Air Transport and Wellmont physicians. The Level One Heart Attack Network is dramatically lowering the time it takes to treat heart attacks across the Tri-Cities and in rural areas of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.
    • HeartSHAPE® coronary calcium score screenings 
      Identifying the presence of coronary calcium is valuable because it accurately depicts coronary artery disease development and allows practitioners to tailor treatment approaches to slow or stop the progression of this deadly heart disease. That is why the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute created HeartSHAPE®, a screening designed to focus on early identification and prevention. HeartSHAPE® is a painless, non-invasive test that produces pictures of the coronary arteries from outside the body using a 64-slice CT scanner.

    Orthopedic care

    Every Step Joint Replacement Centers at Holston Valley Medical Center and Bristol Regional Medical Center unite world-class medical teams that specialize in joint replacements with state-of-the-art technology and facilities Every detail of joint replacements - from pre-operative teaching to post-operative rehabilitation and recovery - is reviewed with the patient. And caregivers assess and plan for each patient's specific needs and coordinate their hospital care using a comprehensive, planned course of treatment. Education is at the heart of the Every Step Joint Replacement program, so patients can get back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Transitional and post-acute care

    Traditionally, higher readmission rates can be traced back to inadequate coordination of care, poor discharge planning and lack of access to providers within a reasonable time after discharge. Wellmont is turning these challenges around with transitional and post-acute care programs and new indigent care clinic models, joint efforts by providers and nurses working in conjunction with our hospitals. After discharge, a care coordination team steps in to follow up once the patient is at home. Registered nurses call patients and/or their caregivers within 48 hours of discharge to review discharge instructions, answer questions and concerns and review their medications while assessing both the discharge orders and the patients' electronic medical records.

    Patient education and care management

    Wellmont is committed to improving the health of our community by focusing on conditions with long-term effects. Our commitment includes using the most advanced and up-to-date evidence-based medical guidelines and a growing number of supportive educational items. Many patients are given care plans to document their findings and improvements. Care plans are reviewed with providers, ensuring patients have an understanding of their health and a sense of ownership in their wellness.

    Disease management and prevention

    Diabetes management and prevention

    The Wellmont Diabetes Disease Management Program is nurse-based and supports the patient-physician relationship by providing information regarding available treatment options. The diabetes program is designed to provide targeted interventions that enhance optimal outcomes. Wellmont works with diabetic patients to create a care plan that includes all the nationally accepted parameters and preventive procedures. Patients with diabetes also work with a diabetes action plan that fits their lifestyle and allows them to grow in knowledge and control. We understand that effective management of diabetes involves both medical treatment and education. Ultimately, those with diabetes who understand their chronic disease state and work within the team approach will stay healthier longer and have fewer co-morbidities and complications.

    Tobacco cessation

    Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Wellmont knows the best way to address tobacco cessation is through education and involving patients in their move toward tobacco-free lives. Wellmont Medical Associates and Wellmont Business Health Solutions offer tobacco cessation programs and information to help individuals quit.

    Heart failure management program

    Patients with congestive heart failure have more frequent hospital readmissions due to continued complications and difficulty in dealing with their symptoms at home. Over the past 10 years, the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute has developed HeartSUCCESS®, a comprehensive heart failure management program serving patients at several locations across our region. With HeartSUCCESS®, a dedicated team of cardiovascular specialists helps patients understand heart failure and creates treatment plans specifically for each individual.

    Cancer prevention

    The Wellmont Cancer Institute is committed to treating cancer when needed and preventing it when possible. With the goal of prevention in mind, the cancer institute offers genetic counseling services and a high-risk clinic for individuals who are potentially at-risk for developing cancer. Learning more about specific genetic risk factors enables individuals and families to make choices to help reduce those risks.

    Quality initiatives for businesses and communities

    Wellmont serves a region steeped in heritage and rich in natural beauty. Unfortunately, many of our traditions aren't particularly healthy. Across the region, Wellmont is forming innovative partnerships with businesses and communities to improve the quality of care available in our area.

    Wellmont LiveWell

    Wellmont LiveWell combines our health system's medical strengths and expertise with our regional relationships with businesses and community organizations to champion, lead and sustain a healthier region. LiveWell provides individuals with tools to help create a foundation and momentum for change, and provides follow-up information to ensure participants reach new health milestones and healthier lifestyles.

    Wellmont Health Coach

    The Wellmont Health Coach is a mobile screening vehicle that serves as a medical office on wheels and provides healthcare access to businesses and communities across the region. The health coach provides a number of screenings that can help identify health risks early, when conditions can be more effectively treated. Screenings include:

    • Digital mammography
    • Carotid artery screening
    • Peripheral vascular disease screening through ankle-brachial index test
    • EKG
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm and stroke risk assessment
    • Cholesterol and blood glucose screening
    • Height, weight and blood pressure check
    • Sleep evaluation
    • Bone density screening
    • Pulmonary function and pulse oximetry test

    Wellmont Nurse Connection

    Wellmont Nurse Connection is a free resource for valuable health information in our community. Registered nurses are prepared to address health questions or concerns and guide individuals to resources.  Nurse Connection helps people locate physicians and specialists throughout Wellmont and can facilitate access to primary care for those who need it. Wellmont Nurse Connection is available any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 877-230-NURSE (6877).

    Wellmont Business Health Solutions

    Wellmont Business Health Solutions is a comprehensive program that provides health plans, wellness programs, illness and prevention tools and occupational medicine services for businesses to keep employees healthy and benefit costs down. Business Health Solutions helps employers ensure employees and dependents receive the most appropriate and highest-quality healthcare services and identify and manage specific chronic conditions that affect area workforces. With Business Health Solutions, area businesses receive custom, quality healthcare solutions - and the cost savings they need to succeed.  In addition, we provide consulting resources for health plan design and products such as Level Funded Health Plans and Direct Network Contracts through Highlands Wellmont Health Network. 

    MyWellmont and EPIC

    The EPIC electronic health record provides one medical record for each patient who receives care at Wellmont.  A single record allows unrivaled capabilities for coordinated care management across Wellmont and beyond.  MyWellmont is a patient portal and personal health record that connects Wellmont patients and their care teams by providing tools to help make better, healthier and more economical decisions. MyWellmont improves the quality, safety and efficiency of care by allowing collaboration like never before. We've always been there for patients and their families, and now we're giving them even greater access to the region's best physicians, facilities, technology and care through MyWellmont. 

    Quality care in a new era

    Wellmont hospitals consistently rank among the nation's best in quality of care and patient satisfaction. But as a true health system, Wellmont can no longer let the hospital be our first - or only - step in the healthcare continuum.

    Where once the focus was on treating the sick and injured in a hospital setting, Wellmont now strives to deliver the best, most appropriate care directly to the dispersed communities we serve. Health is more than a simple absence of illness, and Wellmont is more than a collection of hospitals, doctors and nurses. Wellmont is a resource for information, a partner to manage health and a leader in shaping our communities to become models of wellness.

    In a new era of health care, we are also responding to evolving care management and payment paradigms - including bundled payments for certain services, payment arrangements based on quality and efficiency, and population health models. 

  • Nationally recognized care and services delivered close to home

    Wellmont consistently ranks among the nation's best for high-quality outcomes and processes of care in cardiology, orthopedics, stroke, spine, cancer, primary care and ambulatory services. These awards and accolades help reaffirm Wellmont as the low-cost, high-quality provider of choice in our area.


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