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    If you or a loved one are facing cancer, you’ll find the facts here, all endorsed by the experts of the Wellmont Cancer Institute.

  • Smoking doesn't just harm your lungs and heart
    Dr. Harsha Vardhana

    Smoking is widely known to be harmful to the lungs and heart. But did you know it can affect nearly every part of the body – from the mouth and esophagus to the bladder and kidneys, to name just a few? Dr. Harsha Vardhana encourages you to consider the many ways cigarettes can harm you.

    Dr. Fadi Abu-Shahin

    Normally, moles aren't cancerous. However, some moles can develop into melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body. To learn more about melanoma's causes, symptoms and treatment, Dr. Fadi Abu-Shahin recommends this important information.

    Lung cancer
    Dr. Ibrahim Nakhoul

    Lung cancer is the form of cancer most seen by the Wellmont Cancer Institute. Passionate about reversing this trend, Dr. Ibrahim Nakhoul encourages you to read this information from our health library about lung cancer's causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

    Colon cancer
    Marco DaSilva

    What are the signs of colon cancer? Read this article recommended by Dr. Marco DaSilva, who wants you to talk to your doctor if you're experiencing these symptoms.

    Healthy lifestyle may boost breast cancer survival
    Dr. Sue Prill

    Did you know a healthy lifestyle may play a role in surviving breast cancer? A review of 85 studies suggests diet, exercise and weight control may actually enhance survival rates. Dr. Sue Prill encourages you to consider the results of this large-scale review.

    Ovarian cancer
    Paul Kramer

    Though the causes of ovarian cancer aren't known, research shows that certain risk factors are associated with the disease. Women's cancer expert Dr. Paul Kramer says that if you think you're at risk, you should read this article.

    Breast cancer
    Jamal Maatouk

    Breast cancer touches women of all ages in all walks of life. Do you know the signs and how to self-check for breast cancer? Dr. Jamal Maatouk encourages you to consider this important information from our health library.

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  • His story. Through his eyes.

    Tim Cox was familiar with the Wellmont Cancer Institute, but nothing could have prepared him for the news he received last summer – or the journey he faced.