• TrueBeam STx with Brainlab

    Advanced radiosurgery technology to win the fight against cancer

    If you or someone you love has cancer, you may have considered traveling out of the area for cancer care. But you don't need to. The Wellmont Cancer Institute provides nationally ranked care and state-of-the-art technologies right here in the Tri-Cities region.

    A completely new, precision-engineered treatment system

    One of the newest, most innovative cancer-fighting technologies you'll find anywhere is TrueBeam STx with Brainlab located at the J.D. and Lorraine Nicewonder Cancer Center at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

    TrueBeam provides personalized, noninvasive radiation surgery and therapy – also called stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy – for cancers throughout the body. Its combination of sophisticated imaging, beam delivery and motion management allows TrueBeam to perform radiosurgery with incredible precision and speed.

    Treating cancers once considered untreatable

    This unique robotic system – the first in our region – offers hope to those who can't undergo traditional surgery or those with conditions that were once considered untreatable.

    TrueBeam opens up new possibilities to treat complex cancer cases, such as:

    It can also be used in treating Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer, among many other conditions

    Accuracy, power, speed, safety, comfort – the perfect combination for effective treatment


    With a precision measured in increments of less than a millimeter, TrueBeam's radiation beam can be fine-tuned to match the irregular shape of the tumor. What's more, the beam shape can change as necessary during treatment.

    TrueBeam performs accuracy checks every ten milliseconds, monitoring more than 100,000 points of data. Enhanced motion-management tools ensure the beam moves with the tumor as you breathe in and out. The system constantly adapts to other body movements too. With TrueBeam, we can treat a moving lung tumor as if it were standing still.

    Power and speed

    Less time in treatment means more time doing the things that matter most to you. With its high-intensity mode, TrueBeam delivers the prescribed radiation dose in half the time of other current technologies.

    TrueBeam's intelligent automation features significantly reduce treatment times as well. A standard treatment that would normally take 10 minutes on other systems can be completed in less than two minutes with TrueBeam. A more complicated procedure that might have taken as long as an hour can now be completed in just 20 minutes.

    Safety and comfort

    This new level of synchronization between motion management, beam shaping, dose delivery and other factors does more than deliver effective treatment. It also ensures cancer is the sole focus of that treatment. While safely delivering the best possible dose to the tumor, surrounding healthy tissue is protected.

    Fast treatment also makes for a more comfortable experience. Through an enhanced communications system, you'll always be able to talk to your radiation therapist. For greater comfort, TrueBeam also offers quieter operation than earlier technology. You can even listen to music while you are being treated.


    Expertise you can rely on

    Why choose the Wellmont Cancer Institute for radiosurgery? In a word, experience.

    In 2004, Wellmont Health System became the region's first provider – and one of the first sites in the country – to use specialized radiotherapy in cancer treatment. And we've been performing stereotactic radiosurgery with CyberKnife at Bristol Regional Medical Center ever since.

    Then last year, the Wellmont Cancer Institute announced the arrival of the Trilogy linear accelerator at Holston Valley Medical Center. Trilogy provided a new level of power, precision and versatility to better equip Wellmont to treat more complex cases.

    TrueBeam's arrival at Bristol Regional continues this tradition of technological advancement.

    Rated among the best

    Bristol Regional's cancer care program has been rated among the top 10 percent nationwide by CareChex, an independent quality ratings organization and a division of Comparion.

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