• What to Expect

  • Patients having a sleep study at Wellmont can rest easy in one of our state-of-the-art sleep facilities. And with a few simple preparations, patients can make their environment even more comfortable.

    Preparing to visit a sleep evaluation center

    Decorated in warm, soothing colors, the atmosphere at Wellmont’s sleep centers is comparable to what you might expect to find at a leading hotel chain. Patients can sleep in their own pajamas and bring certain items from home if desired.

    Patients preparing to visit a Wellmont sleep evaluation center should:

    • Remember to make necessary arrangements for morning transportation
    • Avoid caffeine and naps on the day of the study
    • Refrain from using hair spray, lotions or make-up for their study
    • Leave all phones, pagers and other communication devices outside the sleep center

    Patients should bring the following when they visit a Wellmont sleep evaluation center:

    • Doctor’s order, insurance card and any other documentation
    • Required sleepwear – pajamas, a gown or other attire
    • All current medications – including antacids, medicines to help sleep and medicines for pain relief or other conditions
    • Any small items – such as a pillow, book or magazine – to make the environment more comfortable during their sleep evaluation
  • How do I get started?

    If you're looking for more information about Wellmont’s pulmonology and sleep services or have other questions, please contact us or speak to your primary care provider.

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