• Annie Mullins and Her “Angel from God”

    Annie Mullins lasting bond with Robin Chittum

  • When Rita Ryan, clinical leader on Bristol Regional Medical Center’s 2-West unit, was called to Annie Mullins’ patient room one afternoon, she didn’t know what to expect. But Annie had an amazing story of compassion between a nurse and patient – one that had lasted 12 years.

  • Rita tells the story

  • I met Annie Mullins when she was a patient on 2-West and wanted to speak to a clinical leader. Upon entering the room, I was greeted by a very pleasant and grateful patient. I introduced myself and asked if I could sit down and speak with her.

    Annie immediately said yes, smiled and started a beautiful story of compassion between a nurse and patient. She asked me if I knew how compassionate Robin Chittum, one of our licensed practical nurses, is, and she asked if she could share her story.

    Twelve years ago, Annie had first been a patient at Bristol Regional Medical Center, and Robin took care of her, but Annie never thought she would have the privilege of seeing her nurse again. But during her stay this time, when the nightshift nurse brought Robin into the room that morning to introduce her, Annie was brought to tears because even though it had been 12 years, she immediately recognized Robin as being, “My angel from God!”

    Annie told us, “Twelve years ago, I was brought into the hospital with pyoderma gangrenosum, a condition that causes tissue to become necrotic, creating deep ulcers that usually occur on the legs and can lead to chronic wounds.

    “It was a very difficult time, and I did not know if I would even get to keep my leg,” she continued. “Robin made sure she did everything she could to make sure I made a full recovery.”

    Robin even came in on her days off just to do care for Annie’s leg dressing.

    “Robin inspired me to start moving and getting up,” Annie said. “First we sat up on the side of the bed, then the next day we stood, then the next day, we started one baby step at a time, until one day I could sit up in the chair.”

    Annie also told us she knew without Robin’s encouragement and extra tender care, she would not be where she is today.

    As tears rolled down her face and mine, I remembered the real meaning of nursing and what a special organization we work for, where we have the best nurses to care for our patients.

    Thank you Robin for meeting each patient’s needs and always delivering superior health care with compassion!

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