• John Benjamin Moore, NICU patient

  • John Benjamin Moore

    "Every day we wake up, we are given a gift. Our gift is in the form of a healthy and happy son that we are blessed to watch grow, learn, laugh and love. This is all possible due to the care and compassion of the doctors, nurses and staff at Holston Valley.

    They selflessly shared their gifts and talens with our son so that he might share his gifts and talents with the world.

    Thank you from a grateful father, mother and little sister."
    – Adam, Amber and Mallory Moore

  • John Benjamin Moore

    John Benjamin "J.B." Moore had a relatively uneventful birth at Holston Valley, but began coughing up blood in the nursery and was immediately taken to the NICU.

    J.B. was diagnosed with a pulmonary hemorrhage, which is rare in newborns. Thanks to the right equipment being at the ready, J.B. was able to go home within a week. He is now an active little boy who enjoys sports, goofing off and spending time with his family.

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