• Knox Robbins, NICU patient

  • When Knox Robbins was born at 28 weeks gestation, his mother knew they were in for a challenge. But little did she know what a special journey was ahead – or about the angels she was about to meet.

  • Knox’s mother Kara tells their story

    My son Knox was born at 28 weeks’ gestation, due to my blood pressure skyrocketing to stroke level and refusing to go down – no matter how many medications they attempted to give me.

    Knox's blood pressure was dropping quickly, however, and our only option was an emergency C-Section immediately. On Sept. 2, 2013, weighing 2 lbs., 1 oz., Knox led us to begin our NICU journey.

    As anyone who has ever experienced NICU life, it is a roller coaster ride in itself. After a month and a half, we were just starting to get the hang of isolettes, feeding tubes and heart monitors, and then our lives changed forever. I had gone alone for Knox's 9 p.m. feeding, and as I bee-bopped into the NICU, I was met by one of his nurses, Cheryl, and the lead neonatologist. As I got Knox out of his isolette, the doctor said, "We've done a Karyotype test on Knox, and we feel certain he has Down syndrome.”

    I FROZE! Tears began to burn my eyes, and my heart began to race… I didn't know what to do next. In that moment, Knox's nurse became my angel, and I had only known her a month.

    She put her arms around Knox and I, and with tear-filled eyes herself, she took Knox from my arms and into hers. She never left my side that night, and in my mind, she still hasn't. She reminded me that he was still Knox, that he hadn't changed a bit, and that he was still perfect, just as God had made him.

    Before that, Cheryl was simply a nurse caring for my preemie, but in that moment she became family. She became my breath, my heart, and my strength. She was and forever will be my ANGEL, and I will forever be grateful for the love she shared as we embarked on a whole new ride that is special needs.

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