• Donald Barger, Wellmont CVA Heart Institute HeartSUCCESS® Patient

  • Donald Barger is a married father, grandfather and great-grandfather who can appreciate the little things in life.

    He developed congestive heart failure after suffering a heart attack in 2010 that left him unable to perform normal day-to-day activities. Then he was referred to HeartSUCCESS®.

    The HeartSUCCESS® heart failure management program offers heart failure patients the resources they need to understand and manage their condition and continue their everyday activities.

    Now, thanks to his HeartSUCCESS® healthcare providers, Donald is once again enjoying the simple things – like a good night's sleep, or mowing the lawn on his beloved tractor.

    For more information about HeartSUCCESS® at Wellmont, please contact us.

    Donald Barger
    Donald Barger Hands 
    Donald Barger With Spouse