• Melissa Chapman, Wellmont CVA Heart Institute HeartSUCCESS® Patient

  • Melissa Chapman is a sixth generation Greeneville resdient with a big heart. She actively volunteers for a number of charitable organizations, and she’s always quick to offer a warm smile or a word of encouragement.

    But her big heart wasn’t always a strong heart. Melissa was born without her left ventricle and at the age of 26 was diagnosed with heart failure. She began seeing cardiologists with the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute and eventually enrolled in HeartSUCCESS®.

    The HeartSUCCESS® heart failure management program offers patients the resources they need to understand and manage heart failure and continue their everyday activities.

    For years, she had to leave Greene County for her heart care. But now, with two Wellmont CVA Heart Institute locations in Greeneville, she receives excellent care at home.

    Melissa has experienced plenty of health challenges, but her resolve to follow the advice of her HeartSUCCESS® healthcare providers is keeping her on the path to fulfillment.

    For more information about HeartSUCCESS® or heart care services available in Greene County, please contact us.

    Melissa Chapman
    Melissa Chapman 
    Melissa Chapman