• Raquel McLamb

  • Rare diagnosis. Exceptional care
  • Raquel McLamb never dreamed how serious her abdominal pain could be – and especially never thought she’d be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. But through every step of her journey, the team at Bristol Regional Medical Center was by her side.

  • Raquel McLamb tells her story

    In the early months of 2012, I was diagnosed with an intrauterine fibroid tumor. Leading up to my scheduled surgery date, I began to experience intense ovarian pain – severe enough to lead me to the emergency room at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

    Once there, Dr. Thomas Metcalf ordered a CT scan of my abdomen. When the results came back, he shared with me that the radiology tech had "gotten over too far" during the scan. While there was no reason he could see for the pain I was experiencing, the test did find a cyst on my kidney.

    I was sent that week for an ultrasound, and the radiologist at the hospital was so alarmed by my results he put in a call to a urologist on my behalf in order to help me be seen faster. Instead of a cyst, the diagnosis turned out to be kidney cancer.

    I was 36 years old and came to learn that kidney cancer is rarely diagnosed in anyone under 55 – even more rarely in women.

    A partial nephrectomy was performed by Dr. Lincoln Olsen on July 6, 2012, to remove the golf-ball-sized tumor, and the surgery went exceptionally well.

    Since I'm a Type-1 diabetic, surgical procedures are always of particular concern. But the nursing and surgical staff members at Bristol Regional were well aware of the special attention I needed. They were incredibly gracious with their time and talents.

    I know these same doctors and nurses deal with diagnoses like mine every day, but they never lost sight of the fact that I – and my family – do not. The entire staff at Bristol Regional was incredible through a very frightening experience, and I'm thankful to say that by the grace of God I've been cancer-free for more than two years now!

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