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    Wellmont Well Wishes

    Wellmont Well-Wishes are personalized messages that are electronically sent to Wellmont volunteers and hand-delivered to patients. It's a quick and easy way of showing someone you care.

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  • Guidelines for sending Wellmont Well-Wishes e-cards to patients

    Well-Wishes are hand-delivered to patient rooms by volunteers during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

    Well-Wishes are only delivered to patients listed in the hospital directory. If the recipient is no longer a patient of the hospital or is not listed in the hospital directory, the message will be discarded without delivery.

    Well-Wishes messages to patients are not confidential. Your message will be read to ensure appropriateness of content and delivered to the patient.

    Wellmont reserves the right to refuse delivery of any greeting if it determines, for whatever reason, that the message is inappropriate.

    In no event shall Wellmont be liable for any damages, fees, fines, penalties or liabilities arising out of or relating in any way to the content contained in your Well-Wishes e-card.

    To protect patient privacy, we are unable to confirm that a patient is in one of our hospitals and delivery of your Well-Wishes e-card.