• Cord Blood Banking

    Your baby’s umbilical cord blood is a rich source of special cells called stem cells.

    Stem cells are genetically unique to each baby. Because they can divide into more stem cells, as well as develop into many other types of cells, stem cells are the building blocks for blood, organs (the brain, for example), tissues (like muscle and bone marrow) and the immune system.

    These traits also make stem cells an important repair system for the body.

    Why bank cord blood?

    Storing an infant’s cord blood can ensure your child – and possibly other members of the immediate family – have access to stem cells that might be used in treating a growing number of diseases and injuries in the future.

    If you decide to bank your child’s cord blood, you should make arrangements in advance with a local agency.

    Then, when your baby arrives, we will collect the blood for you.

    How can stem cells from cord blood be used?

    A lot of work, including a number of ongoing clinical research trials, is being done to determine the uses for stem cells.

    Though there are still many questions to be answered, stem cells from cord blood have the potential to be used in treating a number of diseases – possibly even brain injuries, heart damage, Alzheimer’s disease or cancer – because of their unique ability to regenerate and develop into different cell types.

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