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    Philanthropy and giving have the power to transform both the lives of those who receive and the lives of those who give. Through the gifts of committed donors like you, Wellmont is able to fulfill our mission of delivering superior health care with compassion to the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

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    Your gift, working hand-in-hand with others, will ensure we can continue bringing the best in medical technologies and healthcare innovations to our patients.Your charitable donation will:

    • Provide assistance to patients in need, including those who may need help purchasing wigs or gas to get to appointments through the cancer patient assistance fund
    • Help fund new technology, equipment and other valuable healing environment needs to make certain our patients continue to receive state-of-the-art care right here at home
    • Fund health education for our staff members, so they may better serve our patients, and for the community, so our friends and neighbors may better manage their health and wellness

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    Wellmont Foundation offers a wide range of giving options. Donors can choose to donate to special areas of giving, including Wellmont hospitals, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, specific medical service lines, our Healing Environment or various other needs within the health system. Honorary and memorial gifts are also welcome and serve as a lasting tribute to a special person. And gifts can be made through Wellmont Foundation's secure and convenient online donation system, by phone or mail.

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  • Cancer assistance fund alleviates patient burden

    Cancer Patient Assistance Fund

    When Daniel Bryant was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago, cancer wasn’t the only battle he faced.

    “I lost my job, can’t work, don’t have insurance. So I’m kind of in limbo right now waiting to know if I’m going to get better,” Bryant told WJHL-TV.

    There are hundreds of stories like Bryant’s – patients who already struggle to make ends meet and are completely overwhelmed when faced with the financial impact of their diagnosis.

    Fortunately, thanks to donors like you, the Wellmont Cancer Institute’s patient assistance fund is here – not only to help patients like Bryant pay for care, but also stay on their feet during treatment.

    “They’ve helped me out in a lot of different aspects, such as prescription assistance. They’ve even given me a gas card,” Bryant said.

    For Bryant, life doesn’t stop just because he’s fighting lymphoma.

    “When you can’t work, you don’t have anything. But you’ve still got to pay rent, all your bills, got to keep the phone on… The refrigerator breaks down, all those things still happen, so you’ve got to keep up with all that at the same time.”

    Since its inception, the cancer patient assistance fund has provided much-needed assistance – and hope – to hundreds of patients and their families. The fund is another example of Wellmont’s commitment to not only provide the best health care anywhere but to create an environment that addresses all the factors impacting a patient’s healing.

    Your gift to the patient assistance fund makes it possible for us to provide the best care possible to our patients and their families.

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