• NICU Miracle Stories

  • NICU Miracles
  • For more than 26 years – an entire generation – the Holston Valley Medical Center neonatal intensive care unit has provided a high level of care for 9,000 local children. Just a few of their miracle stories are highlighted below.

  • A family's journey
    Higgs Feagins thumbnail

    When Laura Feagins' intense labor and C-section meant a NICU stay for son Higgs, as well as an ICU stay for her, she and her family were grateful for Holston Valley Medical Center’s care and compassion.

    Bryce and Benjamin Wooten, NICU patients

    Little did the Wooten family know: their twin sons would come to embody their greatest miracle. Ten weeks before their due date, their mother went into labor. Soon after, her twin boys were transported to Holston Valley so they could receive specialized medical attention.

    Carmen Frazier's high-risk pregnancy
    Carmen and Molly Frazier

    After a high-risk pregnancy and difficult delivery, Carmen Frazier spent the first weeks of Molly’s life at Holston Valley Medical Center. Read her story.

    Courtney Good

    At a mere 1 lb., 8 oz., Courtney spent more than four months in Holston Valley’s NICU. Today, the Good family still brings food and treats to families at Holston Valley, bringing something positive from their experience.

    Destiny Anderson, NICU patient

    Destiny Anderson was a NICU patient. Now, she's a high school junior looking forward to attending college in the near future.

    Dixie Robinette, NICU patient

    Dixie Robinette was a NICU patient. Now, she's a healthy, active little girl who loves her family and the outdoors.

    Emily and Madison Surgener, NICU patients

    Emily and Madison Surgener were born 10 weeks before their due date. Today, Emily and Madison are happy and healthy girls who are true miracles.

    Emily Fox Ellis, NICU patient

    Emily Fox Ellis was a NICU patient. Now, she's a married mother of two with a nursing degree.

    Ethan Gilliam, NICU patient

    Ethan Gilliam was a NICU patient. Now 20, he attends college at East Tennessee State University.

    Griffen Jones, NICU patient

    Griffen Jones was a NICU patient. Now, nine years later, he is a thriving, athletic elementary student.

    Hank Beach, NICU patient

    Even though Hank Beach's mother, Amanda, was a NICU nurse, nothing could have prepared her for his early delivery at just 27 weeks.

    Hannah Marie and Savannah Elizabeth Milhorn, NICU patients

    Hannah Marie and Savannah Elizabeth Milhorn are NICU patients, miracle kids and flourishing first-graders.

    Heather Boyer, NICU patient

    Heather Boyer was a NICU patient at Holston Valley. Today, she's a pharmacist and cares for patients in the very hospital that saved her.

    Hunter Smith, NICU patient

    Hunter Smith was born five weeks early. After enduring so much so early, Hunter is now a happy, thriving elementary school student.

    Jake and Gracie Crawford, NICU patients

    Jake and Gracie Crawford say they may not have looked like much when they were born, but they've had great success and are now happy, healthy children thanks to the Holston Valley Medical Center NICU and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

    John Benjamin Moore, NICU patient

    John Benjamin Moore was a NICU patient. Now, he's an active little boy who enjoys sports and spending time with his family.

    Knox Robbins – still perfect
    Knox Robbins, NICU patient

    When Knox Robbins was born at 28 weeks gestation, his mother knew they were in for a challenge. But little did she know what a special journey was ahead – or about the angels she was about to meet.

    Matthew Dunn, NICU patient

    Matthew Dunn was born two months early. After enduring so much so early, Matthew is now a high school senior who is passionate about music and looking forward to college.

    Small feisty fighter
    Lucy Pate, NICU patient

    Even before she was born, Lucy had a special NICU connection – her mother is a nurse there. But in spite of the many hours she'd worked in the NICU, Marti never imagined how much 12 days there with her new daughter would change her.

    The Ferrell triplets – three times blessed
    Ferrell Triplets thumbnail

    Babies Wendell, Haley and Nathan Farrell were born at just 31 weeks’ gestation. They needed special care – care they found at Holston Valley Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit. Read their story.

    The Potter twins – angels in the NICU
    Potter Twins thumbnail

    After 16 years trying to get pregnant, the Potters were thrilled to find out they were expecting twins. But their journey wasn't without complications, which led them to Holston Valley's NICU… and introduced them to their angels.

    Thomas and Tiffany Whitt, NICU patients

    Thomas and Tiffany Whitt were born at 31 weeks gestation. Now 22, both twins lead full, productive lives.

    Torrey Edmunds, NICU patient

    Torrey Edmunds was a NICU patient at Holston Valley. Now a high school senior, he enjoys singing and has been a runner-up in Kingsport Idol for the past two years.

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