Wellmont Medical Associates Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has my insurance been filed?
A: Typically, your insurance will be filed two days after service has been rendered.

Q: Has my insurance paid on this account?
A: Each payment received from your insurance company will be listed on your detailed statement.

Q: Is the total amount of this account due from the patient?
A: Only the portion listed under the patient responsibility is due.

Q: Why is my spouse’s name listed on this statement? My child was seen on this date of service, not my spouse.
A: The parent is listed as the guarantor on the account, and all billing is directed to the individual listed as the guarantor.

Q: What information is required on my check when forwarding a payment?
A: You will need to include your patient account number. This number begins with a “P” and can be found on the top portion of your statement. Be sure to include the top portion of your statement along with your payment.

Q: I received a statement with “Balance Forward” on the total. How do I know what this balance is for?
A: The “Balance Forward” indicated a balance that was paid before the current statement was generated. Refer to the prior month’s invoice or contact the billing office for further explanation.

Q: How soon should I arrive before my appointment?
A: When making your appointment, be sure to ask if you will need to arrive early to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Q: What type of information should I bring with me to my doctor’s visit?
A: Please have your driver’s license, social security card, insurance card, any medications you are taking (a written list or the actual medicines) and any co-pay payment to be made.