• Hospitalist

  • Hospitalist
  • A majority of the medical care you receive is in your primary care provider's office. However, Wellmont Medical Associates also offers experienced physicians who work in the hospital all day and specialize in taking care of patients who are admitted to those facilities.

    What is a hospitalist?

    A hospitalist is a medical specialist who provides quality medical treatment to patients while they are in the hospital. Unlike your primary care physician, members our hospitalist team do not have a medical practice in which they see patients in an outpatient setting. Their time is devoted solely to caring for you during your stay in the hospital. They will care for you from admission until discharge, all while coordinating and managing your inpatient visit with your personal physician.

    Why trust Wellmont Medical Associates hospitalists?

    There are many advantages to being seen by a hospitalist. They are available most of the day to meet with family members, follow up on tests and answer questions. They are also familiar with the hospital’s policies and procedures. Because hospitalists can provide more expedient care, your length of stay in the hospital is often shorter than if you have to be seen by your primary care physician.

    Will I see more than one hospitalist during a hospital stay?

    Since our hospitalists work day and night, it is likely you may see more than one member of the hospitalist team. Maintaining a consistent pattern of treatment during your hospital is a priority and our hospitalists clearly communicate one another and your physician to maintain consistency in your care.

    If you are admitted for a neurologic symptom or condition, a neurohospitalist may work alongside your hospitalist to deliver specialized care. Neurohospitalists are trained neurologists who are also trained and experienced in inpatient care.

    Wellmont Medical Associates’ neurohospitalists see patients for a variety of conditions, including:

    Members of the Wellmont Medical Associates hospitalist team stand ready to evaluate, diagnose and treat your condition, all while keeping your physician informed of your progress to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.

    Because Wellmont Medical Associates practices are affiliated with Wellmont Health System, a wide variety of HMO, PPO and POS insurance plans are accepted. Patients receiving care at these practices have seamless access to the full scope of medical expertise and specialties offered at Wellmont's hospitals and throughout the health system.

    How do I get started?

    Wellmont Medical Associates makes it easy to learn more or to schedule an appointment near you.

    • Contact one of our local specialist offices directly to schedule an available appointment. Select from the list of providers on this page to find the office number.
    • Talk to your primary care provider. He or she can help you determine your best way forward, as well as provide a referral and assist with scheduling specialist appointments.

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