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  • Individuals who aren’t sleeping well or who are experiencing breathing problems will often face a variety of other medical issues as well. When the body does not rest, it can’t heal properly or maintain itself effectively. That is why Wellmont Medical Associates offers pulmonology and sleep experts throughout the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia to help you rest easier.

    What are pulmonologists and sleep medicine physicians?

    Pulmonologists deal with breathing and respiratory function. They treat a wide range of respiratory illnesses and chest conditions including pneumonia, asthma and emphysema.

    Sleep medicine physicians focus on the many potential reasons why a person's body may be unable to achieve optimal sleep. Many times, sleep and breathing problems are found to be related and may be treated in conjunction with one another.

    Why choose Wellmont Medical Associates pulmonology and sleep?

    Wellmont Medical Associates has pulmonology and sleep experts near you. These experts are also supported by Wellmont's extensive network of sleep evaluation centers located throughout the region.

    Don't delay seeing a Wellmont Medical Associates pulmonologist or sleep physician today about your sleep problems.

    Effective treatment can help reduce your risk for a wide range of other medical conditions including stroke, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes and heart disease.

    Because Wellmont Medical Associates practices are affiliated with Wellmont Health System, a wide variety of HMO, PPO and POS insurance plans are accepted.

    Patients of Wellmont's pulmonology and sleep experts have convenient access to the full scope of medical expertise and specialties offered at Wellmont’s hospitals and throughout the health system.

    How do I get started?

    Wellmont Medical Associates makes it easy to learn more or to schedule an appointment near you.

    • Contact one of our local specialist offices directly to schedule an available appointment. Select from the list of providers on this page to find the office number.
    • Talk to your primary care provider. He or she can help you determine your best way forward, as well as provide a referral and assist with scheduling specialist appointments.

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