Dr. Rabeeya Nusrat Joins Wellmont Medical Associates As Internist, Will Deliver Care In Church Hill Office

Dr. Rabeeya NusratComing from a long line of physicians in her family, Dr. Rabeeya Nusrat was a natural fit to enter the medical profession.

Now, Dr. Nusrat, an internist, is bringing her skills to the Tri-Cities area, where she will help adults achieve optimal health. She has joined Wellmont Medical Associates and will operate a primary care practice at the Church Hill office, 115 Garland Ave.

Dr. Nusrat will practice with her husband – Dr. Mansoor Tanwir, a Wellmont Medical Associates endocrinologist – and Dr. David Hensley, a Wellmont Medical Associates family medicine physician. All three physicians are medical doctors.

In establishing a practice, Dr. Nusrat follows in the footsteps of her parents, a grandfather and many siblings.

“Initially, as I examined my career possibilities when I was younger, I tried to pursue a profession that was different from my family, but nothing sparked that kind of enthusiasm in me like taking care of patients,” Dr. Nusrat said. “I think it was in me all the time, but it just took me time to figure out that was really my preferred career.”

Dr. Nusrat was intrigued by the way the body worked and was amazed by the process of healing. She watched her parents assess a patient to determine the ailment and then prescribe a medication that improved his or her health.

“That really fired my curiosity, and I concluded that if I am ever going to figure something out, medicine was going to be it,” Dr. Nusrat. “I was inquisitive about things that do not have obvious solutions and was interested in finding ways to help out people. That was my inspiration to become a physician.”

Having earned her medical degree from Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan, Dr. Nusrat completed her residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in nephrology, with a renal transplant focus, at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She is certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and eligible for certification from the American Society of Nephrology.

Dr. Nusrat is an advocate of holistic medicine, the idea other factors besides physical discomfort contribute to a patient’s illness. She said it is just as important to check whether some social or psychological issues are impacting a patient’s health.

She wants her patients and those who are looking for a physician to know how much effort she will expend to help them be healthy.

“It may be that I follow up with them to be sure they are pursuing recommended courses of action,” Dr. Nusrat said. “I’m motivated to keep in touch because I really care about my patients and want them to experience a long and healthy life.”

Dr. Stephen Combs, a medical doctor and chief executive medical officer of Wellmont Medical Associates, said the physician-led, professionally managed organization will benefit from adding Dr. Nusrat.

“She brings a positive attitude to her practice, and I’m confident her enthusiasm will rub off on her patients,” Dr. Combs said. “She comes to Wellmont Medical Associates well prepared from her training and will have a breadth of knowledge she can share with her patients.

“At the same time, Dr. Nusrat’s practice will be enhanced by working with Dr. Hensley, who has a wealth of experience she can tap should it be necessary. Plus, Dr. Tanwir’s specialty practice touches on many health issues that might be affecting her patients. We are proud of the diverse medical care we are providing patients in Church Hill and are pleased to be serving that area with high-quality, compassionate physicians.”

Patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Nusrat by calling 423-357-1011. For further information about her, please visit www.wellmontphysicians.org.