Door-to-Balloon Times Beating National Benchmarks

Door-to-balloon time is a measure reflecting hospital readiness – and speed in applying that readiness – to the provision of emergency, interventional cardiac care for patients suffering heart attacks. The "door" is the starting point, when a patient arrives at the emergency department door, and the "balloon" is the clearing of a blocked artery and resulting restoration of blood flow to the heart – often utilizing balloon angioplasty.

Bristol Regional Medical Center and Holston Valley Medical Center, members of the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute's Level One Heart Attack Network, consistently beat the 90-minute national benchmark for door-to-balloon time.

Percentages of door-to-balloon cases performed faster than benchmark 

Holston Valley door-to-balloon times 09/11 

Bristol Regional door-to-balloon times 09/11


Quality criteria

Two of the leading national institutions in heart care – the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association – have partnered to establish D2B: An Alliance for Quality and set the door-to-balloon benchmark of 90 minutes. The American College of Cardiology invites hospitals to participate and publish their door-to-balloon times as a means of improving emergency heart care throughout the U.S.

Both Bristol Regional and Holston Valley have been participants in the D2B alliance since its inception during the spring of 2007.

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