• Keep Track Of Your Medications

    With MyWellmont, you no longer need to carry your medications to each doctor’s visit. Your medication list is stored in your MyWellmont account – all in one convenient location. Your personal medication list can be printed out and serve as a reminder for taking medicines or used as reference information for your healthcare providers. There’s even a feature to help you create a printable wallet-sized summary of your health information, including your medication list.

    You may not see all the over-the-counter medications you take, but you should see all prescription medications your provider has on-file for you, along with the prescription instructions. You can request and submit updates to your medications list in MyWellmont, and your medical record will be updated once your doctor or healthcare provider verifies your request.

    And when needed, MyWellmont also allows you to ask your doctor to refill your prescriptions through the MyWellmont message center.

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