David Frank, Volunteer at Holston Valley Medical CenterVolunteer David Frank Helps Reinforce Holston Valley’s Healing Environment With Front-Seat Observations Of Patients, Campus

Motoring around the Holston Valley Medical Center campus, volunteer David Frank has a front-seat view of the hospital from a patient and visitor perspective. And due to a special connection, he has no trouble giving his feedback to the hospital administration.

Frank accompanied his wife, Virginia, who was selected as the hospital’s president in 2010, in their move from St. Louis. Since his arrival, he has joined a group of very dedicated volunteers who help reinforce the hospital’s Healing Environment philosophy.

As a valet, David works with the other courtesy drivers and security staff. He rounds the hospital’s parking lots and garages, driving patients and visitors to and from the front entrances in a golf cart. In his role, David is often the first person they meet at the hospital, and as such, he has become a frequently talked-to representative of the hospital.

He hopes his observations as a volunteer will help Holston Valley create an even greater experience for patients and visitors.

“I meet with as many patients as I can,” Virginia said. “Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to meet everybody, which is why it’s such a blessing to have David out there.”

Since he assumed his duties, David has seen the hospital’s presentation up close and is able to witness the real spirit of the staff.

“One of the most touching things I get to watch is when patients are being discharged and how attached they have become to their caregivers,” he said. “There is usually a high level of anxiety for patients on their way in and gratitude on their way home. We get to talk a lot about both on the cart coming in and going home.”

David isn’t shy about sharing with Virginia what he sees. By keeping his eyes and ears open and suggesting enhancements to his wife, David promotes Holston Valley’s Healing Environment philosophy to life by effecting change that improves the hospital experience for patients, visitors and co-workers.

The pragmatic approach is standard for David, a long-time medical executive. He and Virginia met while working at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Allina Health System in Minneapolis, and he continues to commute and work one week a month in business development for Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, also based in Minneapolis.

As a Kingsport resident, David collaborates with Virginia in promoting wellness in the community. The two frequently participate in programs and events for charitable organizations and groups such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Live Red for Your Heart and the Tri-Cities affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Recently, David joined Kingsport’s Court Appointed Special Advocates association.

“The thing about David is, he has such a big heart,” Virginia said. “The way he’s able to help people and give back is absolutely amazing.”

Holston Valley’s patients and visitors agree. Patients with recurring appointments have become accustomed to David transporting them around the facility, and he’s become equally accustomed to sharing their days.

“You get so invested in these patients,” David said. “It’s great to watch their progress and healing. Everybody at Holston Valley does such a wonderful job caring for them, and I feel very blessed to be part of that – and part of such a welcoming community.”