• Frequently Asked Questions About Forward With Vision

    There's a lot of conversation in our community about how much health care is changing. It impacts every one of us. As you have questions or hear rumors, please ask us anonymously using the form at the bottom of this page, and subscribe to receive important news and updates.

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  • What does Wellmont have to gain?

    A: Assurance that we will be able to meet the region's healthcare needs for many years to come. A partner may bring Wellmont the resources and expertise we need for our organization to thrive. The guiding principles that are governing the board's exploration are:

    • A strong commitment to Wellmont's mission, vision, values and operating philosophy;
    • Significant financial strength to advance medical, technological and organizational innovation and to develop new care models for the good of the patients and communities we serve;
    • A contribution to long-term economic development, the advancement of healthcare services and employment opportunities in our region;
    • A strong vision for the importance of philanthropy, good stewardship of donated funds and community benefit;
    • Optimization of information and medical technology systems;
    • A robust physician network and physician recruitment capacity and commitment to physician leadership;
    • An extensive knowledge and resource base to optimize operational, financial, clinical and purchasing systems.
  • Can we see a copy of the request for proposal (RFP)? Who has made proposals?

    A: Because of the confidentiality required at this stage, we are not at liberty to share the RFP or names of those who have expressed interest. We are encouraged they represent strong possibilities for the future of healthcare in our region.

  • What kinds of "options" are you considering?

    A: There are many options to consider with other health systems - everything from a loose clinical affiliation to a full merger.  We are looking at a spectrum of options and are using a very clear set of guiding principles to inform our decision making.

  • Why is Wellmont doing this?

    A: The signals for the future are clear for every health system. The business of providing care to patients is dramatically changing for health systems across the country:

    • We're getting paid less by government and private insurance to care for patients;
    • We have fewer patients in our hospitals as more and more care is delivered through outpatient centers, doctor's offices and other venues - a trend that will only accelerate;
    • We need to invest millions of dollars in new technologies to link all our care centers together while continuing to maintain and upgrade our hospitals and clinics; and
    • What's more, the care we provide must now extend to not only the patients we see in our facilities, but to care for entire populations of covered lives.

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  • Donna Lobdell – a grateful heart

    Since Donna Lobdell’s breast cancer journey began more than a year ago, she’s had chemo, radiation, surgery – and a recovery.

  • Nationally recognized care and services delivered close to home

    Wellmont consistently ranks among the nation's best for high-quality outcomes and processes of care in cardiology, orthopedics, stroke, spine, cancer, primary care and ambulatory services. These awards and accolades help reaffirm Wellmont as the low-cost, high-quality provider of choice in our area.