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  • The advanced care you'd expect at a major cancer center, close to home

    Every cancer is different. That's why you aren't just treated by one doctor at the Wellmont Cancer Institute.

    Our innovative approach to cancer treatment brings together multiple board-certified physician specialists and other experts - a certified genetic counselor, registered dietitian and clinical trial coordinator, to name just a few - to design a customized plan for each patient.

    This way, we can ensure you're treated using the same high standards of care and up-to-date technologies - based on the best evidence available - you'd find at large cancer treatment centers across the nation.

    Why choose the Wellmont Cancer Institute?

    In addition to our team-driven model of care, we offer many distinct benefits. Here are some of the reasons we diagnose and treat more cancers than any other provider in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    The most-advanced technologies

    Even the most complex tumors can be treated by the cancer institute's radiosurgery program. We offer the highly accurate TrueBeam STx with Brainlab, as well as Trilogy and CyberKnife systems, to handle difficult cases with precision while keeping radiation exposure of healthy tissue to an absolute minimum.

    More new clinical trials and research

    We enroll more patients in clinical trials than any program in the region. And we continue to expand our research capabilities as the area's sole centralized Institutional Review Board. With this focus on the latest cancer research and trails, you're ensured access to the most-effective treatment options anywhere.

    Highly specialized staff

    In addition to providing a range of physician specialists - including medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists - more than 75 percent of our nursing staff is specially certified for oncology care. This level is much higher than national standards. Check out our featured cancer care experts for more information and insight on cancer care and treatment.

    Unique cancer prevention services

    With the area's only board-certified genetic counselor, we're identifying those at the highest risk for cancer. And through genetic counseling and our high-risk clinic, we're also helping them reduce their risks before cancer has a chance to develop. Learn more about our cancer prevention programs here.

    Accredited breast centers

    Our breast centers are located throughout the Tri-Cities. Not only were our Kingsport and Bristol centers the first in Tennessee to be accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), they're still the only centers in the region to have that distinction.

    A holistic approach and guidance through the process

    We recognize that fighting and beating cancer requires more than expert care and the newest technologies. A personal touch can do a lot to support healing. That's why our holistic approach to care - encompassing body, mind and spirit - features:

    • Patient navigators who personally guide patients through diagnosis, treatment and recovery
    • Social workers who help patients deal with stress and assist with financial and social-assistance referrals
    • Active support groups and resources for survivors

    What cancer services do we provide?

    From diagnostic services to help identify and pinpoint cancers to some of the most advanced treatment options anywhere, the Wellmont Cancer Institute is equipped with the tools to help you fight cancer and win.

    Diagnostic testing and screening options

    What conditions do we treat?

    The four most common cancers - lung, colon, prostate and breast - make up half of all cases in the U.S.

    Unfortunately, our area has some of the nation's highest rates for smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and alcohol use. These high-risk behaviors, in addition to low rates of recommended screenings, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and prostate exams, have led to high cancer rates here.

    We have extensive experience treating:

    Where can I find a Wellmont Cancer Institute location?

    We offer a wide range of cancer care services throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    Find a Wellmont Cancer Institute location near you.

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  • Genetic Testing

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    Do you have a family history of cancer? Other risk factors? If your risk is high, our high-risk clinic can identify your risks and help you work to prevent cancer from developing.